Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP)

LWA is the contracted supplier of assessment validation and quality assurance services and professional development workshops under the AMEP funded by the Department of Home Affairs.

LWA provides verification and quality assurance services in all Australian states and territories. This involves supporting continuous improvement for AMEP service providers with regard to training, assessment and reporting.

AMEP Resources

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AMEP ACSF Workshop materials 2018


LWA has a well-developed understanding of the developmental needs of AMEP clients, and the barriers they may face in learning English, and provides the Department of Home Affairs specialised expertise in the delivery of English language tuition. LWA’s mission is to deliver quality assurance services in order to assist AMEP service providers to maximise their performance in AMEP delivery.

Expressions of interest

LWA is always on the lookout for qualified EAL teaching professionals who will add value to our team. Experience teaching and assessing in the AMEP is essential.

LWA offers competitive remuneration, ongoing professional development and innovative employment opportunities while working within a dedicated team of committed professionals.  To express an interest in joining the LWA team, please send your resume to:

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